Located in South Florida


India is “big” say geographers.
India is “unique” say historians.

NAMASTE! We bow to you and open the door of hospitality.

Columbus would not have discovered America if he had not sailed from Europe in search of spices of India. Spices of India make the
Indian Cuisine as exotic as the culture of India… flavours as varied
as the climate of India; delicately blended spices add a subtle taste
to each dish..

We at “India House” try to make each dish a distinctive, refined preparation. Our food is a representation of the many and varied regional cuisines of India and of the many ethnic groups of people
in the sub-continent. Our dishes range from Bombay, Delhi,
Street Fare and Home Style Tandoori Cooking to the most
sophisticated food of the Royal families.
We spice everything whether food or drinks (even Masala Lassi
and Masala Tea.)




Sawgrass Inn Conference Center
1711 N University Dr,
Plantation, FL 33322

(954) 565-5701